Friday, 16 November 2012

5 good things

1. Hungover Sundays. Well, they are not so good but what is good about them is lovely Scott looking after me. He went to the shops and bought hungover fighting ingredients ready for when I finally woke up at about 3pm. Isn't he a star? I just can't hack these late nights anymore but it was so much fun!

New desk set up 

2. I have a desk again! Scott has moved his PC into the bedroom as it fits better on that desk so that he can do some work on his thesis in the evening, so I've moved into the bureau. The guest bedroom is now completely mine, I quite like it. 

3. Christmas shopping! I had a day off on Tuesday so I met with Scott when he finished work and we went Christmas shopping. Actually, all we bought was lego for ourselves and nothing for anyone else. Ha! I love the lego shop in L1, it's best to go in the evening though when it isn't over-ran with kids. We also went into the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar which I found pretty intimidating to be honest, I must be the least scouse woman ever. I did do some online Christmas shopping the day after though so I have made a start. 

4. Visiting Manchester. I had a fly in visit to Manchester for a library event for new professionals and then we went for beers afterwards at Port Street Beer House. It really made me want to visit Manchester again and do some shopping there, so next Saturday we are planning a little Christmas shop there with the Christmas market. I will always love Liverpool more, but Manchester's Christmas market is really the best in the north-west - Liverpool's effort doesn't compare! I love the northern quarter too. I want to pay a visit to Purl City Yarns to see if they have the right shade of green wool in as everywhere I go seems to be sold out of it! 

5. Another social weekend. I've felt like a right social butterfly lately which makes a change from the usual Saturday nights spent in moaning that there's nothing good on the telly. Tomorrow some girls from work are coming round for tea and then we're going around Lark Lane. Going to take it a bit easier than last weekend though! 

What are you 5 good things for this week? 


  1. Aw, I love these posts, I think I need to do a 5 nice things post - it's good to focus on the nice things! Breakfast looked good! :)

  2. Your fiancé is a keeper looking after you so well! All my exes have just let me get on with it when i've had a hangover, I guess that's another reason to add to the long list as to why it didn't work haha!

    Day trips away are great for Christmas shopping, I love them more now I live in a tiny town! I'm planning on going to Edinburgh's Market!

    I just did my five things on my blog too :) Mine are a lot trashier than yours though!

    Amy x

  3. Ooh sounds like you have a lot going on :) Also - bureaux are the perfect computer desk for a laptop!! Much better than storing it under the bed like I do! x

  4. Fab 5! I'm really getting in the Xmas shopping mood seeing all the gorgeous windows in London this week!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  5. Sounds like you've got a keeper with Scott!

    Great list! x

  6. Yay for your boy waiting on you hand and foot. Priceless in't it?! Have a lovely time at Lark Lane x

  7. 1. Having tuesday off!! Spent a lovely day at home
    2. My wonderful girlfriend who is always so loving and caring
    3. Being able to help women with breastfeeding during this week and seeing their appreciation
    4. Going out for dinner last night with my friends after a long time no seeing them.
    5. The lovely stormy weather today!! perfect for a cozy day in with a hot cup of tea :)

  8. Oh your new desk space is lovely. I adore vintage writing desks! Its so pretty!
    Daisy Dayz

  9. I love Purl City!!! It really is fab. I need to go myself soon. I am very jealous of your bureau. I almost bought a bureau for my living room but it was pointed out to me that there really is no room. One day when I have a house big enough to have a proper spare room I will definitely get one I think. x

  10. Glad I'm not the only one that can not handle the drink! Good things from my week include getting my living room and hall way painted and re carpeted, the blog redesigned and sticky toffee pudding!

  11. Always love reading these posts! :) I guess my 'top' thing was the fact that my friend from the Netherlands visited me here in Prague. We had such a good time, I wish I could see her more. And I agree with you, I suddenly feel a bit too 'old' for crazy parties! And I'm only 27 :D Hehe! Have a great weekend x

  12. O my goddd I can not take my ale, I just get worse and worse! Even one drink has me spiralling into hangover land. Gone are my teenage days of hammering back reef and smirnoff ice!

  13. Naming 5 good things is such a good idea! I should copy you and do the same on my blog. ;)
    I just got back from eating tasty Mexican food for dinner and shopping vintage stores earlier, which was pretty much a perfect Saturday, so I can't complain. And next week my parents are here and it's Thanksgiving! :)

  14. im not hungover but this post makes me want hungover food anyway! i love a lazy weekend. the bureau for your laptop is adorable, very efficent blogging station :)

  15. Aw bless Scott! Bacon sandwich supplies. He's a keeper. x

  16. I went to the christmas markets yesterday and it was packed! but you have to go for the hot dogs!

  17. Bless Scott, that is such a sweet thing to do!

    Maria xxx



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