Monday, 5 November 2012

Grown-up bags

When Jen posted about her new Mulberry bag, I felt pangs of jealousy. As I commented on her post, me and my friend would always say when we were about 15, we'd know we'd 'made it' when we owned a Mulberry bag! Sadly, neither of us do yet but I think we've 'made it' in other ways. Owning a designer handbag is still something that I long for, but obviously with a mortgage to pay, wedding to save for and honeymoon pay for, I'm not in a situation where I can at the moment. It still doesn't stop me day dreaming though! I think of designer bags as 'grown-up bags'; when I can own one I'll officially be a 'grown-up'. I think this is why I tend to go for classic styles that will last forever, over the more trendier ones. After a little browse at some bags at Avenue 32, I've chosen these as my top 5 dream grown up bags:

1. 3.1 Philip Lim, 2. Lizzy Disney, 3. Pauric Sweeney, 4. 3.1 Philip Lim, 5. Calvin Klein.

I think that with a designer handbag, you want to go for something that is classic and wearable. Being a thrifty chick, I always try to work out the cost per wear of large investments, so a £800 bag will have a high cost per wear if you only use it once! I always try to aim for a £1 per wear, so if you use a handbag every week day for 2 years, you'll be getting a decent cost per wear out of it. I also like big bags that I can use for work. 

What is your dream grown up bag?

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  1. I'm just like you, I've 'always' wanted a Mulberry bag (the Alexa to be precise) and I guess I haven't 'made' it yet... but I tell myself one day, one day!! The bags you posted are pretty cool too though - the Pauric Sweeney one is lovely!

  2. I love your choices. The Phillip Lim is maybe my favourite (hard to choose!) but I would definitely go for a different colour. I'd want navy or burgundy, probably. Ah... one day!


  3. I love no2! Even though it's not big enough to cart all my stuff around, it's beautiful. xx

  4. I love that Philip Lim bag, a great choice for work and play! I'd need something huge to cram all my junk into! x

  5. I've never really been a handbag kinda girl! I know shocking right, but lately I've been looking for a 'grown up' leather bag that is still a bit quirky. I can't afford a designer bag right now but I can dream :) Cost per wear is something I like to think about too!
    Rachelle x

  6. I've never owned a fancy designer bag. It's something that would be fun to have, but it was never practical timing to own...maybe one day.

  7. I don't really see the appeal of designer bags - yup, some are beautifully made but you're mostly just paying for the name or the logo stamped on it somewhere. I think the most I've ever shelled out was £60 about ten years ago for a Kookai brown leather handbag and that's probably the best money I've ever spent. It's still going strong now! Just needs a bit of leather care treatment every now and then.

  8. I used to think exactly the same thing about Chanel 2.55 bags – I thought the day I owned one would be the day I was a proper grown up! It's funny how your values and how you judge success/ happiness changes as your get older – now I feel the day i get the keys to my first house will be the day I've 'made it



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