Thursday, 22 November 2012

House Christmas wishlist

Less than 5 weeks to go until Christmas! I am getting so excited actually. This weekend myself and Scott are going to Manchester to visit the Christmas markets and also Miracle on High Street, a Christmas pop up from the burger masters at Almost Famous (which I still haven't visited yet but I hear they are opening an Almost Famous in Liverpool April 2013, cannot wait.) 

This is our second Christmas in the house, although last Christmas we had only been in about 2 months and the smell of fresh paint hadn't quite disappeared yet! My Mum & Dad never like buying me anything for the house for some reason and feel I should treat myself to things I don't to much over the year, like clothes and perfume, but I love buying house things! Here are a few things wriggling their way on to my Christmas list this year from Old Rids


I have become obsessed with candles lately and really want some Christmas ones. These Lily Flame (1.) ones always smell so amazing. Crockery is also a big love of mine, I just wish I had more room! The Maxwell & Williams aviary design (2) is so pretty, but I don't really need a whole new bird print dinner set. I discovered Sophie Allport (6) ceramics via the Old Rids website and I just adore all of her designs. There are some really cute dog ones and the little robin ceramics are perfect for winter. There are also some Emma Bridgewater items on the websites and this British Birds teapot  (4.) reminded me of Claire at French for Cupcake! It's a bit pricey at £65 but it would be a nice gift for a special occasion. 

Following on from the bird theme (I see a pattern occurring! I do like a good bird print...) I also really like this rooster print tray (5), which would be perfect for when Scott makes me breakfasts to cure my hangover. To accompany my hungover breakfast, coffee from a proper coffee machine (7.) would be amazing. I got a moka pot last year for Christmas which makes pretty awesome coffee, but I would still love an all singing-all dancing coffee machine like that. One day, one day. 

Old rids also has some really cute cushions with lots of dogs on which I know fellow dog lovers will like. Yorkies are my favourite dogs (of course) so I love this one (8.).  Finally, the Joseph Joseph baking set  (3.) would make the perfect gift for a baker. I could really do with a new timer other than using my iPhone (can you believe my oven doesn't come with a buzzing timer? Still not quite got used to it...).

What housey items do you have on your Christmas list this year? 

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  1. Love your wish list! All I really want is a smartphone this year, not really a house item but.. I'm still stuck in the dinosaur age with my old Nokia :) xx

  2. Love your list! That tea pot is so cute!

  3. I can highly recommend L'Occitane candles. They're £13 but so gorgeous. Their winter forest one is AMAZING. And I am truly jealous of your trip to Miracle on High Street. I've been to Famous far too many times to count but don't think I'll make it to Miracle, as I'm away every single weekend now until mid-Dec. Booooo x

  4. Oh my god.. I wish wish wish I had my own place now but it won't be until next summer! So since I don't have the room, no housey things for me this year (apart from cookery books).

    I love Lily flame, I have the watermelon one, the honey and vanilla one and the parma violets one!

    Amy x

  5. I love ALL of these things! I want David Tennant for Christmas but Santa said no, how rude x

  6. Candles are definitely a must at this time of year. I'm a big fan of Apple Cider and Christmas Eve Yankee candles. The blue coffee machine is so pretty! I used to be a barista and loved playing with the coffee machine at work, even though I don't actually like coffee!

    I've asked Santa for a fancy Nordicware bundt tin this year :)

  7. Love this post, Lilyflame candles are the best x

  8. I have that coffee machine! It's great :)

  9. I really wish we had space for a proper coffee machine! As we are currently decorating I think we are treating ourselves to most things on our wish list, been eyeing up the Habitat stuff in Argos this week, I quite fancy a jade green desk lamp :-)

  10. We just moved overseas so 90% of all our lovely furniture and homewares is in storage for two years! On the bright side, it means I get to start again this year! I brought a lot of art with me (and anything else that packs flat) but I'm now on the lookout for a funky clock (I love clocks), some cute mugs to make us feel at home and lots of fun office-y stuff for my studio!

  11. I want it all! I'd love a coffee machine but our tiny kitchen is cluttered enough already. Maybe one day : )



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