Friday, 7 December 2012

5 good things

1. Days off. I've had two days off work this week, Tuesday and today. It has been a refreshing change. On Tuesday I spent the morning helping my Grandad with his new computer (he is 88 and is trying to learn about the internet so he can email family in Spain! He has been using a computer to manage his finances/write letters for years but never had the internet.) and then I spent the afternoon baking Christmas cookies to decorate the tree with and then crocheting some christmas decorations. Operation Christmas is go! Today I plan on finishing off my Christmas shopping and then going to Costco with my parents.

2. Preparing for Christmas. As I mentioned above, I spent some time on Tuesday making biscuits for the tree. Then on Thursday evening we got our Christmas stuff down from the loft to check what wrapping paper and cards we had left over from last year (answer: a lot!) and also check that all the decorations are okay. Oh how I've missed you Mr Gingerbread man and Mr Reindeer! We are going to get our Christmas tree on Sunday from Delamere Forest, then hopefully decorate it while watching Elf.

Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day on 14th December 2012
3. Christmas jumpers. I have ordered a Christmas jumper and hopefully it will be here before next Friday, as Save The Children are having a 'Christmas Jumper Day' to raise money. I heard about this by chance, on twitter I think. I think it's a great idea to raise some money. I will be sharing my jumper next week with you all! You can find out more about Christmas Jumper Day here if you want to take part. convince my colleagues to join in.

4. Eating more fruit & veg. I have been neglecting fruit & veg in winter, it's so much easier to grab some chocolate or crisps. I've missed salads and fruit though! I've been having stewed plums in my porridge in the morning, fruit and raw veg for snacks and extra veg with every meal. I certainly feel better for it. Anyone else find it hard to eat enough fruit & veg in the winter? I don't understand it, as it's probably the time of year when you need to eat more!

5. Lovely neighbours. The other day when I was in a rush to get to work and had to de-ice my car, my lovely neighbour came along and started spraying my car with de-icer while I got the car started and found my scraper. All of my neighbours are really nice, we have been so lucky to find such a nice little street.


  1. Aww, that is nice of your neighbours :)

  2. And don't forget festive afternoon tea!

    Isn't it nice having helpful neighbours? We have one who always puts the bins away for us :)

  3. Love the Christmas jumper idea! This has put me in the mood to trim up my tree! xx

  4. I find that winter makes it acceptable for me to put Baileys in my coffee, nice! I saw about 15 guys out last weekend in a club wearing Christmas jumpers, was a tad odd x

  5. I love random days off midweek! Your sounds very well spent!

    I do find getting my fruit and veg difficult in the winter, so I've asked for a liquidiser for christmas so fingers crossed I can get making veggie soups in the new year!

  6. OK, that neighbour story was super sweet. :) x

  7. I don't tend to eat quite as much fruit and veg in the winter but its actually quite natural as there isn't as much produce around with the seasons. It does sound like your doing well incorporating what you can into your meals. I just try and make sure I make a veggie packed soup once a week if I can and that does the job!



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