Monday, 3 December 2012

Santa dash

On Sunday, Scott & I ran the Liverpool Santa Dash. It was so much fun! We got off to a bit of a disasterous start because we hadn't checked the bus times and they don't run frequently on a Sunday morning before 10am (doh!) but we made the start eventually. I have never seen so many santas all in one place! It was pretty surreal in some points seeing a sea of red (and some blue Evertonian) Santas before you. Apparently over 8000 people ran on Sunday. We didn't quite break the world record they were aiming for but it was great none the less. However, I do not recommend running in a full santa suit with full length running leggings and a long sleeve running top on underneath! I was way too hot. Scott was determined to run all the way around in his full santa suit, beard too. I wasn't quite as brave and took my beard off. 

1. Most unflattering photo of me ever? Just finished the dash and feeling very hot from the santa suit!
2. The sea of santas running up James Street. 
3. Santas at the start by the Liver building
4. Looking slightly less red faced at the start.

And when we reached the end, there was fake snow and lots of Christmas music! So much fun. We also got these awesome Christmassy medals. They are a great addition to my little medal collection.


So, I guess the Santa dash has marked the start of the festive season for us now. Also my last race of the year and probably final race until the half marathon in March. Eek. Better get training! 


  1. Haha, this seems like so much fun! Never heard of an event like this before :D The medal is so cool! xx

  2. That is so awesome! And you're probably one of the few ladies I know who could make a Santa suit look good!

    Amy x

  3. So glad you uploaded some photos - it looks great fun. Well done!

    And I adore the medal - great one for the growing collection!


  4. that looks like a lot of fun! x

  5. That just looks mint, need to do something like that at some point!

  6. how cute is that medal, think they might of had one in Cardiff this weekend too, I saw a few santas walkign home x

  7. This looks like a lot of fun and I love the medal! :)

    Maria xxx

  8. I've run the Santa Dash 3 times now and I've still not learnt what to wear underneath the suit to avoid getting too cold before the race and too hot during.

    I also need to start doing serious half marathon training, eek!

  9. Aww cool! Would love to do this next year... (maybe!!) :)

  10. Wow! Good on you two! It looks like mayhem!!
    What a great medal - pride of place on the Christmas tree; may even nudge the fairy off the top!
    Z xx

  11. Great!! And the pics are awesome!! Would you like to follow each other with gfc?




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