Thursday, 21 November 2013

HOST, Liverpool

As a wedding gift one of my best friends gave us some money when we returned from honeymoon to treat ourselves with to combat the post-holiday blues. Coming back from an amazing honeymoon to the dark & cold was a bit of a comedown to say the least, so it was a pretty good idea. We decided to go to Host last Friday. Host is on Hope Street (ho-st, get it?) and is just opposite where our wedding reception was so it was a bit of a walk down memory lane. Hope Street certainly is one of the prettiest streets in Liverpool.

Host Liverpool

Host serves 'pan-asian' food and it is faultless every time that we go. It's a bit like an upmarket wagamamas. 

Host Liverpool

You're greeted by a super-lambanana outside - a quintessential scouse sighting. At Host you can order lots of small plates as a tapas style feast or small plates and large plates as a normal 2 course meal. I was feeling quite greedy (and selfish) and didn't want to share so we went with 2 small plates to share and large plates to ourself. We picked the duck gyozas and deep fried ham hock for starters to share. I've had the gyozas before but it was the first time having the ham hock and oh my, it was amazing. I didn't get a photo of them but you get 5 cubes of perfectly formed and then lightly deep fried ham hock with 2 delicious dips. 

Host Liverpool

This was the duck gyoza, about to be demolished by Scott. 

Host Liverpool

I picked Nasi Goreng for my main which was served with a deep-fried soft-boiled egg on top which was amazing. I always wonder how they do that and still keep the yolk runny as I find it hard enough to perfect a soft boiled egg!

Host Liverpool

And finally, the dessert. This is the peanut brûlée served with a chocolate macaron. The chocolate macaron wasn't that amazing if I'm honest but the peanut brûlée by far made up for it. It was like the lightest, fluffiest whipped up peanut butter with a brûlée topping. Perfect for a peanut butter addict like me. I could honestly eat a huge bowlful of that peanut buttery custard. 

And now I'm really craving all this food again - especially the ham hock and peanut brûlée!



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