Monday, 18 November 2013

"Party" season

Oh yes, it's that time of year when all the Christmas partywear guides pop up everywhere. My calendar is looking pretty full for December and I always like to buy one dress to last me through the Christmas party season. However, Christmas party season is a MYTH. I say my calendar is full, I just mean full of various meals with people I'm catching up with to say merry Christmas to. If only I was actually swanning about all these fancy schmancy parties that women in their 20s are supposed to. Also, I have never-ever been invited to a cocktail party. Who does cocktail parties?! Anyway, it's still pretty nice to have a pretty dress to wear out to meals, but in my head if I really was one of these mythical social butterflies with lots of fancy cocktail parties to go to, I would quite like this Coast dress

coast dress 1

And of course to my fancy cocktail party I could wear my wedding shoes, red and glittery! I bought them with the idea that I would wear them again and again but to be honest they aren't the comfiest and are actually a bit big on me. I'd love an iconic Lulu Guinness lips clutch also. 

Another party season myth is that you need an 'office to bar' outfit. Maybe if you live in London or in Sex and the City, but really, who has ever done that? Maybe because I always drive to work (and obviously don't have that hectic of a social life) I never really fancy just going the pub straight from work. Anyhow, if you do live in a party season myth, why not dress the Coast dress down with a smart blazer and colourful scarf? I am quite a big fan of this scarf from Hobbs. And the shoes, swoon. 

coast dress 2

This final outfit reminds me of what I would wear when I was 15. I really miss my Doc Martens actually. I also have a Kanken backpack on my Christmas wishlist at the moment, but in royal blue and not this khaki green. When we were on honeymoon I wished that we had a backpack to carry everything in, tote bags get pretty uncomfortable after a few hours of walking. I think as I get older I'm going more and more for practicality over prettiness! Obviously I try to get a balance of the two though and won't go for ugly, practical things. (still a shallow twenty-something after all).

coast dress 3

How would you wear this black velvet prom dress? Do you agree with me that party season is a bit of a myth perpetuated in the media? 

Post in collaboration with Coast


  1. The first outfit is so cute! Love the lip shaped clutch bag.

  2. I am in love with this dress!!

    Katie & Kay xoxo

  3. So funny! Surely cocktail parties only exist in the 1980's.. In London we used to do 'office to bar' because everyone lived so far out if they went home they wouldn't return! :)

  4. This post cracked me up! As I read, "my calendar is looking pretty full" I was thinking, "Wait, people seriously have that many Christmas parties?!" And then you got real. Loved it and love your choices! I would never have paired up the things you did in the final outfit but it shows how versatile a plain black dress can be!

  5. Oh I love the Coast dress! I'm desperately seeking a party dress for my work do in 2 weeks time and this looks perfect! x x

  6. Oh I love that last look the most! Just perfect. I really want a gold dress for this season. I've never had any gold clothes before so I want to step outside of my comfort zone :P

  7. I used to have DM's! Loved them! Protected my toes at gigs and festivals.
    I totally agree that yes the party season is some sort of weird myth- and if we go out after work we might brush our hair but we wear the same clothes we wore at work.

  8. Love it that you're busting that myth! Yeah I definitely think social climbers, celebrities, and that bunch probably do have cocktail parties but for the rest of us? Going to a friends house and having drinks isn't quite the same thing as dressing to impress at a meet market. When I worked in public relations there were a couple of times we were expected to do drinks or dinner after work with new clients or after a successful product launch but it didn't happen all that often unless you were one of the higher ups. Maybe if we had high powered careers?

    In any case, loved your choices!



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