Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Shopping in NYC

When you think of New York, you think of shopping! We actually didn't do too much shopping really because we were too busy seeing the sights but I did have a few shops I wanted to visit.

NYC shopping

Of course, Tiffany's! I have had this necklace on my wishlist for so long and when we booked our visit to New York I knew that this would be my honeymoon souvenir. Tiffany's on Fifth is such a spectacle, spread across five floors there is a whole floor dedicated to diamonds and engagement rings! Out of curiosity we did go for a little nosy. This necklace worked out about £40 cheaper in the US too, so that was an added bonus.

NYC shopping

Of course, any trip to America or Europe isn't complete without a visit to Sephora. I picked up a Clinique chubby stick in Mega Melon, which Scott had a giggle about when he realised because Melon is the affectionate nickname my sister gave me when I was growing up (Helen the Melon...). It's a really nice formula and just the right shade for everyday wear, somewhere inbetween a balm and a lipstick.

NYC shopping

I also bought my first pair of Nike Frees after admiring them for a while. I love this colour combination (almost Tiffany blue!). I've been using them for my shorter runs as they're a 'barefoot' style so want to use more supportive shoes for bigger mileage. As you can see they've got quite muddy already! Myself and Scott are contemplating entering a marathon next spring so we're vaguely following a training plan and have clocked 28 miles so far in November, so it's quite good to have a few pairs of running shoes to rotate depending on the run.

We also brought back lots of American chocolate (anything with peanut butter in, otherwise American chocolate is rank) and lots and lots of Clif, Lara and Luna Bars. Why are they all so cheap over there?! I could get 5 luna bars for $5!

So sad now that we have munched our way through them all. Also, I would quite like a Whole Foods up north please.


  1. Out of curiosity...what American chocolate did you try?

    1. This trip we got some mini peanut butter cups, m&ms and reeces pieces. I've tried various chocolate in the past though - not a patch on Cadbury's! Worst was a peanut butter snickers which had a 'chocolate flavoured coating' instead of chocolate haha.

  2. Ditto on the Whole Foods, I went mental when I when to NYC! Love the Tiffany necklace :-)

  3. Love Tiffanys! 5 floors though, thats mental, how can they fill it, jewellery is so small, haha! Ridiculous that its that much cheaper over there though! Love the matching trainers too, I actually prefer a barefoot kind of run, but then my arch is like steel haha

    fridayisforeverblog.com xx

  4. Awww sounds like you had a total blast! I have NEVER been in a Tiffany's :( Though I want to so badly! Glad you found a lot of goodies.

  5. Argh I know so many people who are going/have been to NYC this autumn and am so jealous - I wanna go back! I knew I wanted a souvenir from Tiffany's too and built it into my spending budget :) The engagement ring section made me want to faint though haha! Love your frees too - I have some barefoots but was crippled for a week after running 15 mins in them and haven't dared try them again! x



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